eBay Credit Card

It's really great to see a company such as eBay continue to serve many happy bidders and have their eBay Credit Card that helps makes things even more interesting. When you shop at eBay, things get very interesting all on their own as you go through their site looking for discounted things to purchase. Then, they come along and offer you an eBay Credit Card that will give you points for every dollar that you spend not only with eBay but everywhere that you use your eBay Credit Card. What's even better is that the eBay Credit Card has a MasterCard logo that makes it accepted wherever the MasterCard logo is accepted around the world.

The only thing that seems to really get people down is that it is very exclusive and not many people seem to get approved for this card. With them limiting the number of people who can really apply for the eBay Credit Card they have seemed to begin to drive people away who were huge supports of eBay. If you are a heavy eBay shopper and then learn that you aren't allowed to apply for their eBay Credit Card without any real reason, you would probably find a new place to shop as well. There are simply too many sites that do the same type of sales and things that eBay does now. For them to make their eBay Credit Card so exclusive seems to have been a really bad move on their part.


The application process is so fast that if you get declined it's very instantaneous. It's just as simple as clicking on the apply link, entering your login for PayPal, and then just like that it will tell you if your account is eligible for applying for the eBay Credit Card or not. They don't seem to really have any types of guidelines for what an eligible account would be. You would think that if they placed that kind of information out there for people it would save a lot of time. Perhaps, the fact that they instantly tell you no is their way of saving you some time. What seems to be an even worse deal is the way that they really hide most of the really juicy details about the account from you anyway until you would have already been excitedly approved for the eBay Credit Card.

Many people who have been approved for the eBay Credit Card have quickly went ahead and added that card to their shoppers' toolbox thinking that the rewards points are going to be really great. What later happens is they are then finally provided with the information about the redemption rules for the points and realize that it would take forever to gain the points needed for any of their rewards. Also, people learn that perhaps the rewards aren't so great anyway as they would have expected. When you convert your points according to how many you need to get certain rewards, you realize that they are almost worthless compared to the dollar it took to gain them in the first place. So to sum it all up this is what really happens. The eBay Credit Card is great to hype you up and then let you down just like the company that created it. The more you learn about the eBay Credit Card from here or other sources, the more you should see how they are losing customers at warp speed.